European Starlings: Alaska's Most Invasive Bird


In Alaska's vast, untamed wilderness, a story of ecological intrigue is unfolding. The protagonist isn't a majestic bear or a stealthy wolf but rather a small, glossy bird—the European Starling. This tale, however, veers from the idyllic to the cautionary, highlighting the fragile balance of ecosystems and the profound impact of invasive species.

The Starlings Journey from Europe to Alaska 


The odyssey of the European Starling to Alaska encapsulates the bird's remarkable adaptability and resilience. Having crossed continents from their native Europe, these birds were introduced to North America in the late 19th century. Their presence in Alaska, marked by their distinctive glossy black feathers that shimmer in the sunlight, signals an unfolding environmental challenge. The European Starling, with a population now exceeding 200 million in North America, represents one of the most pervasive invasive bird species in American history.

The Battle for Resources in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Kodiak

Urban and rural landscapes alike, from Anchorage to Kodiak, are becoming arenas where European Starlings vie for dominance over native bird populations. These invasive birds exploit food sources, snatch away prime nesting sites, and outcompete native species for breeding territories. The repercussions of these skirmishes ripple through ecosystems, leading to diminished biodiversity and altered ecological dynamics.

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What is the Environmental and Economic Impact of Starlings?

The impact of the European Starling extends beyond the disruption of ecological harmony; it also encroaches upon the economic and health spheres. Fields and orchards bear the brunt of their insatiable appetite, leading to significant agricultural losses. Moreover, the potential for these birds to act as vectors for diseases adds a layer of concern for both wildlife and human populations.

In Alaska's serene yet vulnerable ecosystems, the proliferation of European Starlings spells trouble. These birds, with their proclivity for aggression and territoriality, not only displace native species but also contribute to the erosion of the very fabric of local biodiversity.

Flock of starlings

Combating the Invasion: Strategies and Solutions

Facing the challenge of the European Starling invasion demands innovative and decisive action. American Pest Management emerges as a beacon of hope, offering cutting-edge solutions for bird control and exclusion. Through a combination of habitat modification, deterrents, and exclusion techniques, American Pest Management endeavors to restore balance to affected ecosystems. These strategies are designed to be humane, reflecting a deep respect for all wildlife while prioritizing the protection of native species and their habitats.

Embracing Technology and Community Efforts

The battle against invasive species like the European Starling also benefits from technological advancements and community engagement. Citizen science projects, mobile applications for reporting sightings, and educational campaigns raise awareness and foster a collective response to this environmental challenge. American Pest Management actively collaborates with local communities, conservationists, and researchers to refine their approaches and develop sustainable, effective methods for mitigating the impact of invasive birds.

Join the Effort: Protecting Alaska's Natural Heritage


The narrative of the European Starling in Alaska is a compelling call to action for the people who call this beautiful state home. The escalating presence of these invasive birds underscores the urgency of intervention to safeguard Alaska's natural heritage. Awareness is the first step, but meaningful change can be achieved through active participation and collaboration.

Alaskans are encouraged to support and engage in efforts to manage the European Starling population. Reporting sightings, implementing bird-friendly practices at home, and supporting local conservation initiatives are all ways in which individuals can contribute to the broader mission of protecting Alaska's ecosystems.

The Future of Alaska's Skies and Lands

As we look to the future, the goal remains clear: to preserve the integrity and beauty of Alaska's natural landscapes. While significant, the challenge posed by European Starlings is but one chapter in the ongoing story of environmental stewardship. By coming together as a community, leveraging innovative solutions, and remaining committed to conservation, we can ensure that Alaska remains a haven for native wildlife and a testament to the resilience of its ecosystems.

The invasion of European Starlings in Alaska is more than an environmental issue; it's a call to action for all who cherish the natural world. If starlings or other invasive birds have decided to make your home their home, call American Pest Management. We specialize in bird control in Anchorage and throughout South Central Alaska.

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